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Apiezon T Grease


Apiezon Grease, Type T is designed as a medium temperature and stopcock grease and for other general lubrication requirements. It is guaranteed to be silicon free. The vapor pressure is 5x10-9 torr at 20° C. The maximum recommended use temperature is 120° C. This would not be the recommended choice for use in an electron optical column (Type M should be used or Type L the Braycote Micronic 803 for an even higher performance lubricant). Other technical information is available for Type T Grease as well as comparision information with the other Apiezon family of fine grease products.

  • Silicone free and high vacuum grease
  • Used to make thermal contact between sensors and cold surfaces 
  • Strong absorber to the harmful grease, chemical impurities on glass and metal surfaces 
  • Vapour pressure <10-9 mbar at 20ºC
  • Melting point 43ºC


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Apiezon T Grease
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