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with ICE AV Pro Anti-Vibration Frame, Custom Vapour Shielded Dewar and Optical Access


  •  System Type: Wet
  • Temperature Range:
  • Cooling power: 50µW @ 325K
  • Sample Space: 150mm diameter
  • ICE AV Pro Anti Vibration Frame
  • Sample in vacuum

A compact cryogen-free ³He system for use in a UHV environment, sample in vacuum, uses a closed cycle cooler with vibration eliminated by a bellows system. A 1K stage allows full condensation of the ³He charge which extends the hold time at a base temperature of 300mK to 40 hours, and gives a fast regeneration time.

The 3ICEDIPPER insert with a large diameter is specifically designed to operate within the clear neck of a custom made vapour shielded helium dewar. The dipper will have a large sample space with room to mount various components for experimental work. The height of the system was minimised where possible to ensure it will integrate into the purposed laboratory. The insert comes with a self-contained 3He gas charge and includes our patented condensation process.

The Vapour shielded Dewar eliminates the noise from boiling nitrogen. There is also a fixed impedance feed capillary from the helium resevoir to the 1K pot to minimise high frequency vibration associated with the 1K pot needle valve assemblies. Vibration is also reduced through pressurisation of the cryostat to give the option of operating without the 1K pot pump whilst still allowing a 70 hour hold time. 



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