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High Cooling Power, 8 Tesla Magnet

System: DRY ICE 1.5K 

Customer: Tel Aviv University

Type: Dry

Temperature Range: 1.5K to 420K 

Hold time: Continuous flow

Sample Space: 50mm

The DRYICE1.5K cryostat enables users to perform experiments in temperatures below 1.5K and up to 420K. The customer required further cooling to 300mK so an additional ICECP 300mK Cold Probe was supplied alongside the system to provide a hold time of more than 70 hours at 300mK. The cold probe included an automatic rotating sample holder, allowing the 50mm sample space to be rotated between 0° and 180° perpendicular to an 8 Tesla magnetic field. 

The cryostat is a closed-loop system and offers excellent temperature stability, fast cool downtimes and low vibration at the sample space due to our ICE Sock Technology The system includes our patented Dual-Cool technology which allows the system to switch between static and dynamic exchange gas mode for sample cooling. This gives the benefit of faster sample cooldown, whilst minimising blockages during long-term operation.



'The ICE 1.5K dry system, 8T magnet with a He3 insert was installed in our lab on November 2019.

While the supply date was delayed by a couple of month, so far, we are very happy with the system performance and the ICE support.

The system is compact, relatively easy to use, meets all the requested specs, and seems to be reliable to date.

Also, I have only warm word for the engineering and design team in ICE, which were very professional and communicative during the manufacturing process.

This was particularly important since we requested a two-axes rotation He3 insert probe, and a particular wiring assemble for our transport measurements.

We have not yet used the 2 axes rotation (other than testing the specs) as it was not required, but the design and testing looks good. The noise level (vibration), magnet, temperature control, and wiring work perfectly as requested. 

Lastly, the installation and training (by Chris) was perfect, and the system support since then (by Karl, Andi, Sara) are great.

We receive a fast and informative response for every question / problem, which far from trivial with other cryo companies these days. 



Moshe Ben Shalom, Tel Aviv University (2020)'


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