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ICECP 20mK Cold Probe 

Automated System for the Muon Beamline


  •  System Type: Wet 
  • Customer: Rutherford Appleton Laboratories
  • Temperature Range:15mK - 300k
  • Cooling power: 40µW @ 100mK
  • Sample Space: 70mm
  • Fast turn around


The ISIS facility at Rutherford Appleton Labratories operates a VTI with a 70mm dilution refrigerator insert.  This customised system was designed to be easily transported around the ISIS facility and allows fast turnaround mK experiments. Our refrigerator system allows ISIS to conduct experiments from the mK range to 300K within the same cryostat while taking advantage of the complex experimental wiring.  It provided them with 1st class cooling power and the best base temperature within a compact design.



'ICEoxford have supplied the ISIS facility at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory with 3 working systems to  date, these are 1K continuous flow liquid helium inserts that complement our 4K top loading closed cycle refrigerator equipment base. The 1K inserts are loaded into the sample chamber and with the aid of a low loss transfer line easily achieve continuous temperatures of 1.25K. The build quality and design. I found to be very good on the equipment we have purchased.

I have also purchased two replacement dilution units from ICE that fit a prominent low temperature companies inserts, we have tested one of these units here and achieved a base temperature of 50mK, the units were built without sintered silver stepped heat exchangers at our request hence the achieved temperature; amongst other items we have countless helium transfer siphons also built by ICE to our own specification.

Presently I have a cryostat that is being overhauled; that will be fitted with an ICE variable temperature insert capable of a range of temperatures between 1.5 – 300K, again we have chosen ICE for this project because they offer a quality product and I am less than satisfied that the original builders of this system can offer the same quality.

I have conducted business with ICE since their early days and my confidence in them as company has grown, I have found them to be very price competitive and good quality company.

Yours sincerely,

ISIS Team, Rutherford Appleton Labs (2013)'


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