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ICE are pleased to welcome new faces to the business

Over the past several months we have brought in some new faces including:

Freddie Norridge - Stores Person    

Rhys Parsons - Marketing Apprentice

Michael Coetzer - Project Engineer

Emma Yeatman - Design Engineer

Susan Blomerus - Accounts Assistant

ICE are excited to have been shortlisted for an Oxfordshire Business Award

After being shortlisted for the Small Business Award in 2022, we're excited to be once again shortlisted for the Innovation Award for the Oxfordshire business awards. Looking forward to what promises to be another great awards night!



ICE wins Innovate UK funding to develop an ultra-low vibration magnet system.

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant to develop an ultra-low vibration magnet system. This is an exciting opportunity for ICE, and we are grateful for the opportunity to take our DRY ICE DYAD system to the next level.

We would like to thank Innovate UK for their recognition and support, as well as our hardworking team who made this possible. We remain committed to developing innovative solutions, and we can't wait to share our progress with you.

DRY ICE 300mk TERTIA Superconducting Week article 

Superconducting week has recently published an article talking about our DRY ICE 300mk TERTIA system. The article covers information about the system and why it is an upgrade on our previous DRY ICE 300mk Single Shot system.

Ames National Laboratory research paper

Image attachment

In October, Jigang Wang from Ames National Laboratory published a paper about their newly developed Near-field Microscopy Platform and the new research that has been done with it. Within the paper, one of our Wet 1.5K VTI systems was referenced for helping complete this recent research.

Physics World exclusive on our DRY ICE DYAD

Physics World caught up with our CFO, Paul Kelly to discuss the research and development of our DRY ICE DYAD closed-cycle cryostat system.

EUCC and oxford scientists solve 40-year old 'holy grail' physics problem

An international team led by UCC quantum physicist Prof Seamus Davis has solved a major problem in physics that has eluded scientists for over 40 years, possibly paving the way for super efficient electrical40-year-old

EeroQ announces $7.25 million seed funding round for its helium quantum chip design

The Quantum Insider have been in contact with EeroQ about their soon to be recieved first round of quantum computing design research funding which may allow for breakthrough discoveries in key areas such as pharmaceutical development, material science.

ICE welcomes 3 new starters

We are delighted to announce that over the past few months we were able to welcome 3 new starters to the company.

The new starters are:

Becky Treadwell - Cleaner

Jake Derby - Wiring Technician 

Pat Allen - Stores Person



ICE announced as Finalists for the RWK Goodman Small Business Award

We are delighted to have been announced as Finalists for the RWK Goodman Small Business Award as part of this year's Oxfordshire Business Awards. 


The Quantum Insider Exclusive on ICE's growth

Our CEO, Chris Busby, spoke to The Quantum Insider about the lessons we've learned as a company from startup to global cryogenic leader.


Realizing the STEP fusion dream will require cryogenic innovation at scale and at pace

Our CTO, Paul Kelly, gave his thoughts to Physics World about the cryogenic solutions that will be required for delivering a fusion plant by 2040.

ICE welcomes two new starters last month!




ICE has continued to grow over the past year, and last month we were able to welcome two new starters to the company!

The new starters are:

Tim Whorton – Assembly Tech

Zibby Mazur – Machinist


We look forward to watching their careers develop and grow with us!























Our vibration test rig gets up and running

Ultra-low levels of vibration at low temperatures are becoming increasingly important to our customers so we have invested in a vibration test rig to test vibration levels less than 10nm.

Long carbon nanotubes reveal subtleties of quantum mechanics

Physics Today caught up with Vikram Deshpande, Assistant Professor at the University of Utah on his work on the behavior of electrons moving inside long carbon nanotubes. His work has enabled his team to see delicate quantum effects that can be used for the electronic structure characterisation of carbon nanotubes. 


ICE employees collect donations to send to Ukraine

We've been horrified by the reports coming from Ukraine over the past few weeks and have been looking for ways we can help, however big or small.

Thank you to Vicky and Dave who have organised taking donations for refugees from ICE employees. ICE have also made a contribution which was used to purchase first aid kits and sleeping bags to send with our donations.

Our thoughts are with Ukraine and we will continue to look for ways we can help.


ICE Welcomes Largest Cohort of New Starters So Far! 

Over the past few months, we have been welcoming new employees across several departments to enable us to keep up with our levels of growth. 

Our new starters include:

Simon Winfield - Test Technician

Ian Skinner - Technician 

Paul Rivitt - Calibration Engineer 

Billy Whittaker - Test and Installation Engineer

Kevin Hamilton - Test Technician

Oliver Pascoe - Test and Installation Engineer

Benedikt Hay - Design Engineer

Callum Shanks - Project Engineer

Vicky Maycock - Receptionist/Administrator

We are delighted to see so many new faces across the company and excited to see their careers develop! 

Congratulations to our Rowers 

Congratulations to our rowers Chris Busby, Karl Brown and Hugh Lazenby for rowing 332km on their rowing machines, from Witney to the Christmas markets in Bruges, Belgium over the month of December.

In doing so they have raised an incredible £1300 for our chosen company charity, Guideposts.

Thank you to all those who donated, your money is going to a great cause. Guideposts is a Witney-based charity working with people in the local community to help them access the support, opportunities and skills they need to overcome social inequalities, improve their wellbeing and change their lives.

ICE Row to Bruges for Christmas

Some of the team from ICEoxford have decided to dust off their rowers and row the 332km (206miles) from ICE's headquarters in Witney, Oxfordshire to the Christmas markets in Bruges, Belgium in time for Christmas. We've decided to do this for our chosen company charity, Guideposts. 


The link to donate can be found here

Our CTO heads to a reception at Windsor Castle for Winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise 

Our Chief Technical Officer, Paul Kelly, was invited to a reception at Windsor Castle to represent ICE as winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

The event had to be postponed from its original date in 2020 due to the pandemic so it was lovely to finally meet winners from many other great companies from across such a large variety of sectors. 

Welcome to Kin, our new Apprentice Assembly Technician

Kin Cooper is working towards her Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering with Abingdon and Witney College. 

Welcome to two of our new starters 

Welcome to three of our new starters this summer!

Munro Ross  - Test and Installation Engineer

Tom Daniel - Design Engineer

Julio Serrano Giron - Project Engineer



Our company is growing so keep an eye out on our careers page for new vacancies and watch our latest video about working at ICE. 



ICE Delivers Customised Cooling Solutions for Quantum Industry

Matt Swayne from The Quantum Daily recently conducted an interview with ICE to discuss how we have been contributing to the development of Quantum Computers and how we see the industry developing in the future.

In the article, we discuss how most current quantum computer models operate in extremely cold temperatures and how working in close collaboration with our customers to create bespoke solutions, we have developed a range of systems that offer some of the highest cooling powers on the market. 

ICE Supports Local Music Festival

Support Quartermelon at the Witney Music Festival ICE were proud to support the Witney Music Festival on 12th June 2021. This year's event was held virtually by going live on a local radio station, MixCloud and YouTube with ICE choosing to present local band 'Quartermelon'. Hopefully next year will see the return of the in-person event.

ICE System runs continuously for 10 years

Running a Dilution Insert Continuously for 10 years

In August 2010 we installed our WET Dilution Insert with a 13 Tesla magnet at the University of Augsburg. Over 10 years later it's still being used daily by Philipp Gegenwart and his team. 

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

We've been getting involved with mental health awareness week this year. 

Statistics show that 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England, with 1 in 6 reporting experiencing a mental health problem in any given week. Reports also show that 38% of Brits fear revealing a mental health problem at work would jeopardise their career. 

Between the 10th and the 16th May 2021 our employees will be getting involved with activities to encourage mental wellbeing and getting out in nature. 

To find out more about how you can get involved or for tips on using nature to promote good mental health head to 

Cryogenic Innovators ICEoxford achieve optimal performance for optical quantum computing applications at 1K and below.

Cryogenic Innovators achieve optimal performance for optical quantum computing applications at 1K and below

ICE were recently featured in the April edition of Europhysics News. The article discussed several key technologies and how they have been developed over the past few years using a customer-focused collaborative approach. These key developments include the DRY ICE 1K Series as well as our latest product, the DRY ICE DYAD.

ICE Software update to Version 3

Version 3 Cryogenic Software Update

We are delighted to announce the latest upgrade of our ICE Software. 

Click here to find out more about the update.

Welcome to our New Starters!

We recently started a recruitment drive as we are expanding acress all departments of the business and we are now delighted to welcome four new talented individuals into the ICE family. From left to right our new starters are:

Matt Dix - Stores Department

Pedro Rodrigues - Project Engineer

George Stoneham - Design Engineer

Lewis Etheridge - Test and Installation Engineer

We are always interest to hear from talented individuals and, in particular, from those with knowledge of the cryogenic industry so it's worth keeping a regular eye on our Careers Page for any specific vacancies. 

ICE win second $1.8 million order

We are delighted to announce the confirmation of a contract worth $1.8 million for several of our DRY ICE 1.5K systems to a single customer based on the USA. This flagship system enables users to perform experiments in a temperature range from 1.3K up to 325K. The customer was initially attracted to the ICE system due to its high cooling power and key patented technologies. Achieving over 100mW at 1.5K it makes it one the highest cooling powers on the market for a closed loop system with a high level of automation. 

Other features includes excellent temperature stability, fast cool down times (less than 30 minutes from room temperature to 1.5K) and low vibration using our ICE Sock Technology. The contract is the second in two years from the same customer and once complete ICE will have delivered a total of 9 systems and 18 probes alongside developing an updated version of our ICE Software and ancillary electronics, regardless of restrictions due to COVID-19. 

Successful first remote install 

How ICE have adapted to continue to deliver and install systems during the global lockdown

Many things have changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of them being the inability for our engineers to install our systems locally. To minimise the disruption to our customer's research we put together a plan for our Installation Engineers to assist in remote installations via video calling. 

The first customer to recieve a remote installation was Lorenzo Vistoli at The Institute of Photonic Sciences in Barcelona, Spain. 

'We ordered a DRY ICE 1.5 K system with an 8 T magnet and a custom stick to measure our sample in vacuum. Unfortunately the delivery and installation of the system fell during the strict travel restrictions due to COVID-19, so we decided not to wait and I installed the system with the support of an ICEoxford intall engineer on Skype, who assisted me for a whole month. The system is elegantly designed, leaving us with enough space and flexibility to properly plan our experiments. The installation was not without its hiccups, however ICEoxford guided us every step of the way and timely sent replacements for the faulty parts. During the whole installation, great care was given to properly teaching us the inner working of the cryostat so that we could more independantly operate the machine in the future. I am overall satisfied with our cryostat and the customer service that was provided to us.'

Lorenzo Vistoli, The Institute of Photonic Sciences


Cryogenic Innovation: ramping up research productivity at ultralow temperatures

Paul Kelly, our Chief Technical Officer, spoke to about our DRY ICE 1.5K Series.

Ramping up productivity at ultralow temperatures

Our DRY ICE 1.5K Series offers a range of cryostats focused on an automated rapid sample cool down times to a base temperature of 1.5K and below. Our ranging includes cryostats developed specifically for use with neutron beamlines, to       provide optical access within a magnetic field and for lab applications

ICE Celebrate Helium Conservation Day

Quantum Design has designated the 10th July as Helium Conservation Day to raise awareness of this valuable resource.

The 10th July 2020 was the 111th anniversary of the work done by Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes at the University of Leiden which led to the first liquefaction of liquid helium. Liquid Helium is a scarce non-renewable resource which when vented to the atmoshpere, is lost forever. 

ICE are proud to support the conservation of Helium. Our DRY ICE Series of cryostats can reach ultra low temperatures without the use of cryogens. 

ICE Celebrate INWED 

ICE celebrated International Women in Engineering Day on the 23rd June

International Women in Engineering Day 2020

Some like it cold: cryogenic innovation forges quantum opportunities

Cryogenics specialist ICEoxford has reinforced its international reputation for product innovation with a 2020 Queen's Award for Enterprise.

Cryogenic Innovation forges quantum opportunities

ICEoxford's managing director and co-founder, Chris Busby spoke to Physics World about the secrets of success at ultra low temperatures. 


ICE Win Prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise

ICE are proud to annouce they are winners of The Queen's Award for Enterprise 2020 in the Innovation Category. 

ICE win Queen's Award for Enterprise

The Queen's Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious awards for UK businesses throughout every sector. ICE are proud to annouce their win in the Innovation catergory for the development of their high cooling power platform, the DRY ICE 1.0K. 



ICE Customer Cracks 58-year-old Puzzle on way to Quantum Breakthrough

ICE customer Andrea Morello and team make a discovery that will impact the development of quantum computers and sensors

Professor Andrea Morello, Dr Vincent Mourik and Dr Serwan Asaad from the University of New South Wales have discovered the ability to control the nucleus of a single atom using only electric fields. The theory was first suggested by Michael Bloomberg in 1961 but has remained unproven until now. 


ICE Welcome two new starters

We would like to welcome two new starters to the ICE team!

Emily James is the latest addition to our expanding team of Project Engineers.

Jack Tedham is taking over as Sales Engineer for CRYOBITZ which offers cryogenic spares and repairs.











ICE Launches DRY ICE 0.8K Benchtop Cryostat

ICE offer a range of cryogen free cryostats designed to take large experimental heat-loads, perfect for everyday research and the development of quantum based technologies. The latest addition to this range is the DRY ICE 0.8K Benchtop Cryostat, an upgrade from the DRY ICE 1.0K Benchtop, it combines continuous operation in the temperature range of 0.8K to 425K with a compact benchtop design.

Quick Sample Changes for The University of Stirling - Jan 2020

DRY ICE 4K TL Cryostat with ICE AV Anti-Vibration Frame

The DRY ICE 4K TL Cryostat is ideal for applications where quick sample changes are vital. The system is loaded with a top loading probe which cools the sample through exchange and the sample probe is suspended from an anti-vibration frame, reducing vibration at the sample to ±20nm. Changing the sample simply requires removing the probe, changing the sample and then re-inserting the probe. This changover can be completed in as little as 2 hours (going from 4K to 300K and back to 4K). 

This system is now in use at The University of Stirling. Dr. Christian Schroder from the University's Mossbauer Spectroscopy Laboratory for Earth and Environment (MoSEE) comments:

"Overall, I am extremely happy with the value for money this cryostat affords our lab. ICE were very receptive to my comments during the design of the instrument and incorporated all of my suggestions, and they have always been responsive to my queries since."

"We have used the cryostat successfully in a commercial study with a pharmaceutical company. The first scientific paper with results produced using the cryostat is currently in review."



ICE welcomes 6 new starters - Oct 2019

ICE welcomes 6 new employees to the team

Over the past month ICE have welcomed six new starters to join the team in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Rajat Gupta and James Crowe, Test and Installation Engineers

Karl Brown, Project Engineer

Trevor Wilkinson, Design Engineer

Dan Haynes, Test Technician

Cesca Molyneux, Marketing Executive



ICEoxford delivers DRY ICE 1.5K Cryostat to ICFO

ICE has recently delivered a DRY ICE 1.5K Cryostat with an 8T Superconducting Magnet to instituto de ciencias Fotonicas (Institute of Photonic Sciences) in Barcelona.

This new system also incorporates a double-axis sample rotator with wiring to a 28 or 44 pin chip carrier, which allows for very fast sample change, electrical protection of the samples and lower noise.

The sample holder is made from non-magnetic materials and has a direct thermal link to the sample holder for optimal base temperature and cooling power.

ICEoxford Limited has entered into a Joint Venture with Grafeye Limited, the company behind the only one piece KF Clamp in the World. This is a robust low cost alternative to the alluminium or pressed clamps and comes in the KF 10/16 size currently with the KF25 & 40 to follow.


ICE Invests in Grafeye - Mar 2019

ICEoxford Limited has entered into a Joint Venture with Grafeye Limited, the company behind the only one piece KF Clamp in the World. This is a robust low cost alternative to the alluminium or pressed clamps and comes in the KF 10/16 size currently with the KF25 & 40 to follow.

The clamps are available from our CryoBitz shop

ICEoxford Limited has entered into a Joint Venture with Grafeye Limited, the company behind the only one piece KF Clamp in the World. This is a robust low cost alternative to the alluminium or pressed clamps and comes in the KF 10/16 size currently with the KF25 & 40 to follow.




DRY 12T 100mm VTI System Working well - Feb 2019

DRY 12T 100mm VTI System Working well - Feb 2019

ICEoxford Limited delivered this special system to Cambridge University in March 2018. The customer has been very impressed with the available cooling power and base temperature. It is being utilised by many users at the University and beyond...

 Customer comment:

 “I very pleased to be able to say that I am very satisfied with this system. In particular, the  dual cooler configuration provides plenty of cooling power, which was my primary concern going to a conduction cooled system for such a large volume. As an example of this we have found that a very high heat leak probe with copper 100A leads will cool to below 20K overnight just in static mode.

The magnet appears to be very well behaved and after a couple of quenches reliably achieves to within 0.003T of the rated field. We have not conducted extensive checks of homogeneity, but it would appear that the system easily meets the tender specification.

I have also been impressed with the supplied ancillaries, which are from high quality manufacturers and it is clear that corners have not been cut in fitting this system out.

The inevitable minor snags in such a custom system were cleared up promptly and professionally by your excellent team and the system is starting to be used heavily by users both within and without the University.”



ICE Wins Prestigeous Award for Innovation - Oct 2017

ICE Wins Prestigeous Award for Innovation - Oct 2017


Institute of Physics (IOP) has recognised ICEoxford as part of its 2017 Business Innovation Awards for the development of the 1.0 Kelvin High Cooling Power Cryogenic System, which will enable research in photonic quantum computing.

ICEoxford has been awarded one of five Innovation Awards from the IOP, with representatives from the company receiving their award at a Parliamentary reception in London on 18 October 2017.

The Business Innovation Awards are presented to businesses that have built success on the innovative application of physics, which has a transformative effect resulting in increased turnover, profitability and jobs.

The award is in recognition of ICEoxford’s research application of the integration of quantum photonic circuits with single-photon detectors in cryogenic environments, which will enable quantum photonic computers that will revolutionise computing over the coming decades.

A requirement of this research is the dissipation of large amounts of power while keeping the processor at an ultralow temperature. Such conditions can be achieved in the patented cryostats developed by ICEoxford. This is a unique solution and has outperformed all other products currently in the market. Therefore, it has contributed significantly to the development of quantum photonic instruments.

The award was presented to the company at a Parliamentary reception at Westminster, attended by MPs, Lords, policy makers, business leaders and leading physicists in the field.


Third CNC delivered to ICE -August 2017

Third CNC delivered to ICE -August 2017


Due to a large increase in orders and the success of the first two CNC machines ICE has taken delivery of a larger capacity machine.


These machines have dramatically improved the companys agility in responding to urgent customer requirements as well as reducing its dependence on external suppliers.

EeroQ Announces $7.25 Million Seed Funding Round For Its Helium Quantum Chip Design


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