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The CFICEICLE-UHV cryostat is a continuous flow style cryostat that can be operated with either Liquid Nitrogen or with Liquid Helium. It is ideally suited to applications requiring ultra-high vacuum.

Construction techniques used in the manufacture of the cryostat are a combination of weld and hard solder, where a joint needs to be re-made, such as the UHV chamber to cryostat interface, a CF100 flange is used. All vacuum seals are tested for leak tightness on a mass spectrometer to better than 1 x 10-9mbarL/sec

The cryostat operates by connecting a liquid Helium transfer tube to a supply of cryogens and to the cryostat heat exchanger, via a feed capillary. The temperature of the heat exchanger is regulated by the use of a temperature sensor, a heater and controlling the flow of cryogens to the heat exchanger.

The cryostat is supplied with a temperature sensor and heater wired onto the sample mount and terminated at Room Temperature in a 10 pin electrical connector. Mating half supplied. A KF16 port is available for experimental access to the sample region. (Many wiring options are also available).

This cryostat is configured to operate in any orientation and be capable of being rotated/translated without effecting performance. This makes it ideal for use with a diffractometer or other positioning equipment.

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Temperature Range

1.2K to 800K

Cooling Power


Temperature Stability


Sample Environment


Sample Space


Vibration at Sample



Air or water cooled options available


DC, RF and fiber optic options available

Optical Access


Base Temperature

Single shot: 1.2K

Continuous flow: 1.7K

Hold Time


Temperature Controller

Lakeshore 372 as standard (Other controllers available on request)

Magnetic Field


* Sample holders, temperature range and tail length and diameter can be modified for your specific application

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