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Our brands

Cryobitz Components-and-Spares Windows

Optical Cryostats windows  

Windows can be mounted to suit your existing or new application.

You can place the order by choosing from the standard list of products below however, please contact us to customize your window.

Spectrosil® product range: 

  • Spectrosil® 1000 grade for non-transmissive mirrors and substrates, and other high purity components which do not require specified optical transmission.

  • Spectrosil® 2000 deep UV, fluorescence free grade.
  • Spectrosil® 2100 with improved refractive index homogeneity.
  • Spectrosil® 2200 Excimer laser grade specially developed for maximum transmission and prolonged life in microlithography and other critical deep UV applications using KrF (248 nm) and ArF (193 nm) excimer lasers.


ICE product range is below:



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