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STFC-RAL Continous Flow Cryostat Rewire

System: CF1104 & CF-V

Customer: STFC-RAL

Type: Wet


The Cryogenics team at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories approached ICE to visit the site and inspect some of the continous flow cryostats at the RIKEN testing station on the neutron and muon source beamline. The cryostats had the customer and diagnostic wiring damaged with some of the temperature sensors no longer working.

The wiring team at ICE tested to see which sensors were still working to their calibrations and then removed all the damaged wiring. The base inserts of the cryostats had any dents removed with some straighening of the sample holder, were then polished and rewired.

The test department then ran the systems and added the calibrations of the new sensors onto the mercury temperature controller. 








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