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Temperature Controllers

Auto-tuning Cryogenic Temperature Controller

The Model 34 controller offers: 

  • Four high accuracy input channels
  • 50 watt primary control loop
  • 400 mWatt secondary control loop
  • Auto-tuning that works!
  • USB, RS-232 & GPIB Interfaces standard
  • LCD Graphic Display
  • Support for all popular sensors
  • Unique dial / button navigation

The standard four multipurpose input channels can be independently configured for diode, thermocouple, platinum and most other cryogenic resistor sensors. Resistance is measured using a ratiometric constant-current bridge technique. AC excitation removes DC offsets.

Dual-loop operation is supported using a 50W, four range linear heater and a second 400mW output.

Auto-Tuning Cryogenic Temperature Controller


Auto-tuning Cryogenic Temperature Controllers and Monitors

More information: 01993 706 444

Available in the following

12Temperature monitor with two channelsICEitc01£1165.00
14Temperature monitor with four channelsICEitc02£2295.00
24cTemperature controller with four channelsICEitc04£3545.00
32Temperature controller with two channelsICEitc05£3560.00