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Magnet Power Supplies

Superconducting Magnet Controller: SMC120-10

0 to 120 A; ± 10 V
± 120 A, ± 10 V (with optional reversing switch)

Superconducting magnet power supply

ICEoxford’s range of Superconducting Magnet Controllers include the following features:

  • Modular design, allowing master-slave operation for higher current models;
  • An integral electronic polarity reversing switch option can be fitted;
  • Independently fail safe protected, air cooled and has an internal high stability shunt for greater accuracy;
  • IEEE-488 and optically isolated RS232 operation with short-form codes for ease of automatic computer operation and confirmation of the operational status shown by a backlit liquid crystal display on the front panel;
  • Adjustable output for persistent switch heater;
  • Input for accessory or safety trip signal;
  • Fully configurable from the front panel or using the remote interface.


Physical and Electrical Specifications

  • 483 mm wide x 223 mm high x 450 mm deep (19" x 5U case)
  • Front handles add extra 50mm to overall depth.
  • Support tray required for 19" rack mounting.
  • Bench mounting feet add another 15mm to the height.
  • Weight per module 30 kg.


Mounting: bench or rack mounting. Allow 150mm behind the SMC for cables and free access to both sides for cooling air.
Front Panel

  • Display: 4 row x 20 character alphanumeric backlit liquid crystal display. Display gives full details of the current status of the controller.
  • Switches: 12 momentary make switches for control of all functions and setting of parameters with direct front panel numeric input.


Mains switch: Illuminated rocker type.
Back Panel

  • Mains input Filtered IEC CEE22 connector.
  • Current output M12 studs, with supplied nuts.
  • DVM output Differential via two 4mm sockets. 300 W source resistance nominal. 2 mV/A output, calibrated to 0.03%, stable to 10 ppm/°C or better.
  • Interface Optically isolated RS232 interface with standard DB9-F connector.
  • Isolated IEEE-488 interface.
  • Persistent switch heater output: Constant current source, 0 - 255 mA, compliance voltage 18 V, galvanically isolated from main current supply.
  • External trip: Active on externally supplied signal for system protection.


Reversing switch (optional): Input/output signals for control of reversing switches.
Electrical Specifications

Values quoted at room temperature after 20 minutes warm up.

  • Output current: 0 to rated maximum.
  • Setting resolution: Can be set to 1 part in 216 maximum; resolution limit of 0.001A via front panel.
  • Accuracy: 0.015% of rated output.
  • Stability: 15 ppm/°C or better.
  • Readout resolution: 0.05 A on front panel display; 0.001 A via interface.


Voltage limit Setting: 0 to rated voltage output, in 0.1 V steps.
Accuracy: 2 % of rated output.
Digital Ramp Generator

  • Setting range 10 { 100,000 s, 0 to full output.
  • Setting resolution 65 values, spread logarithmically over 4 orders of magnitude.


Accuracy 0.1% of set rate.

  • Ambient temperature 10 - 40°C; SMC will suspend ramp if the output stage temperature exceeds 90°C.
  • Mains input is protected by a thermal overload switch.
  • Humidity: 85% maximum non-condensing.
  • Stray field: 0.001 T (10 Gauss) maximum at the SMC.

Superconducting Magnet Controller: SMC120-10


Superconducting Magnet Controller

More information: 01993 706 444

Available in the following

SMC 120-10Superconducting Magnet ControllerICEips01 £11460.00

ICEPS-125-6 Superconducting Magnet Power Supply


The true, four-quadrant output capability of the Power Supply System is ideal for the charge and discharge cycling of superconducting magnet loads. The versatile Model 430 Digital Programmer controls the Power Supply and the combination has the ability to set either positive or negative current or voltage values. This true, four-quadrant operation significantly simplifies test procedures as well as system design by eliminating the need for external switching or operator intervention to reverse the direction of the current.

The transition through zero current is smooth and continuous allowing the user to readily analyse samples at very small current increments about zero. The Model is a switched-mode design resulting in a compact, air cooled unit. 

Standard communications features include the Ethernet and RS-232 computer interfaces. The computer interface allows computer control of all power supply system features including ramp rate, current limit, voltage limit, pause and persistent switch heater operations. LabVIEW drivers for Version 6.1 and higher are included at no charge with each unit.

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More information: 01993 706 444

Available in the following