Cryogenic Spares

Cryogenic Ribbon Cable


High quality cryogenic woven loom for all low temperature installations.

These looms are woven from twisted pairs of insulated wires and are reinforced with threads made from high strength Nomex®. Width 5mm x 0.6mm thick. Available per meter or supplied with either Fischer or miniature D type connectors.

More information: 01993 706 444

Available in the following

Material 42 SWG wire (0.1 mm)FormatCodePriceQtyLength(m)Basket
Constantan12 tw pairsICEcrw01£28.00
Constantan/Copper9 tw pairs + 3tw pairsICEcrw02£30.00
Copper12 tw pairsICEcrw76£35.75
Constantan2 tw pairICEcrw03£29.50
NbTi12 tw pairsICEcrw04£94.00
Manganin12 tw pairsICEcrw05£32.75
Constantan/NbTi9 tw pairs + 3 tw pairsICEcrw28£POA