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DRY ICE 1.5K VTI (50mm - 100mm Sample Space)

The ICEoxford DRY ICE 1.5K VTI cryostat is engineered for precision and versatility, enabling experiments across a wide temperature range, from 1.3K to 800K. This fully customisable, cryogen-free system offers high cooling powers and boasts the largest sample spaces on the market, varying from 50mm to 100mm, it's the ideal solution for pre-screening quantum applications. 

Key Features:

  • Broad Temperature Range: Operate experiments efficiently within the 1.3K to 800K range.
  • Spacious Sample Accommodation: Systems available in 50mm, 70mm, 85mm and 100mm sample space diameter. 
  • High Cooling Power: Ensures rapid and efficient cooling for various experimental cycles. 
  • Excellent Temperature Stability: Provides consistent and reliable temperature control. 
  • Fast Cool-Down Times: Minimises waiting periods, allowing for quicker experimental cycles. 
  • Low Vibration at Sample Space: Maintains sample integrity with minimal distrubance. 
  •  Enhanced Sample Manipulation: Features 4 axes of sample manipulation for precise control. 
  • Custromisable Magnet Options: Tailored to suit diverse research fields with a variety of magnet configurations. 

Advanced Technology:

  • Patented Dual Cool Technology: Switch between static and dynamic exchange gas modes, enabling faster sample cooldowns and reducing blockages during long-term operations.
  • High-Field Superconducting Magnets: Incorporates solenoid, split-fair, and vector  rotate magnets up to 18 tesla.


Perfect for researchers in quantum mechanics and other fields requiring precise temperature control and versatile sample handling. The ICEOxford DRY ICE 1.5K VTI cryostat stands out with its advanced features and customisable options, making it the choice for cutting-edge scientific experiements.

50 mmClick to view
70 mmClick to viewClick to close

Most versatile with standard He3 and dilution probe upgrades available.

85 mmClick to viewClick to close

Useful for users looking for a larger sample space that can accommodate standard probes with high amounts of semi-rigid coax. 

100 mmClick to viewClick to close

Perfect for customers who require a large sample space along with high cooling power.

SpecificationClick to viewClick to close

Temperature range

1.3K-325K (420 and 800K options)

Cooling power

50mW @ 1.5K, 250mW @ 1.7K

Temperature Stability

±10mK below 10K, ±50mK between 10-100K, ±100mK for temperatures ≥100K

Sample environment

Vacuum or Exchange Gas (Dynamic/Static available)

Sample space

50mm, 70mm, 85mm, 100mm

Vibration at sample 

±20 nm with anti-vibration options

Probe cool down to 2K

<30 minutes 


Air or water cooled options available


DC, RF and fiber optic options available

Optical access 

Multiple windows available (see window materials)

Base temperature

1.3K in Single Shot mode, 1.4K Continuously

Hold time


Temperature controller

Lakeshore 336 as standard (Other controllers available on request)

Magnetic Field

Solenoid, Split pair and Vector magnets available

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DRY ICE 1.5K VTI (50mm - 100mm Sample Space)
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