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Ice Oxford

ICE Cryogenic Equipment CRYOBITZ Cryogenic Laboratory Spares


The inverted cold head on the DRYICE3K INV allows for easy access to the sample space via the removable top can and radiation shield. Combined with a system cool down of 5 hours, this cryostat offers quick and easy sample changes. The modular design includes interchangeable plates attached to the sample and 50K stages, simplifying wiring customisation. The system can be upgraded with easy-fitting wiring kits at any time to match your wiring requirements. 

Optical access and up to 8 electrical access ports are available.

Vibrations of the system are reduced by a 3D printed vibration isolation frame and edge-welded bellows to hold the cold head in position. 

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Temperature range 3K to 300K 
Cooling power 50mW @ 3.4K, 100mW @ 3.7K
Temperature Stability ±10mK below 10K,  ±20mK between 10-50, ±50mK between 50-100K, ±100mK for temperatures ≥100K
Sample environment Vacuum
Sample space 134mm diameter  x 130mm height (with blanked wiring ports)
Vibration at sample ±185 nm with anti-vibration options
Cool down time to 4.0K

5 hours

Compressor Air or water cooled options available
Wiring DC, RF and fiber optic options available
Optical access  A variety of optical access options are available (see window materials)
Base temperature <3K (8K and 10K options available)
Hold time N/A
Temperature controller Lakeshore 336 as standard (Other controllers available on request)
Magnetic Field N/A
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