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DRY ICE 3K ULV Mossbauer

The DRY ICE 3K ULV cryostat is designed specifically for applications where low vibration levels are paramount.

ICEoxford is able to achieve vibration levels as low as ±50nm peak to peak broad spectrum. This is accomplished using soft bellows and pneumatic vibration isolation technology.

Combining these technologies allows the cold head to be completely isolated from the system, minimising the vibrations from the cold head whilst also dampening background vibrations. Vibration levels can be further reduced by mounting the cryostat to an optical table and by supporting the cold head separately from a rigid structure such as an I-beam or wall.


The DRY ICE 4K Cryostat for Mossbauer experiments where quick sample changes are vital. The system is loaded with a probe which cools the sample through exchange gas.  Changing the sample simply requires removing the probe, changing the sample and then re-inserting the probe.  This changeover can be completed in as little as 2 hours (4K to 300K back to 4K).

This cryostat has been used for a variety of applications including; pre-screening samples for dilution fridges, ESR, Mossbauer and general electrical properties measurements.

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  ULV Mossbauer

Temperature range

3K to 325K  (420K and 800K options available, may affect vibration levels)

Cooling power

Up to 2W at 4.2K

Temperature Stability

±10mK below 10K,  ±20mK between 10-50, ±50mK between 50-100K, ±100mK for temperatures ≥100K

Sample environment


Sample space

D. 50mm L. 50mm as standard (custom sizes available)

Vibration at sample 

±50 nm with anti-vibration options

±20 nm with anti-vibration options

Cool down time

<3 hours to 4.2K

<4hrs to 4K


Air or water cooled options available


DC, RF and fibre optic options available

Optical access

Up to five windows available (see window materials)

Base temperature

<3K, 8K or 10K options available 4.2K

Hold time


Temperature controller

Lakeshore 336 as standard (Other controllers available on request)

Magnetic Field



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DRY ICE 3K ULV Mossbauer
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