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Ice Oxford

ICE Cryogenic Equipment CRYOBITZ Cryogenic Laboratory Spares


The DRY ICE ACTIVE SORB is a cryogenic cold trap capable of 6K operation. The unit is able to go to 10K in less than 1 hour and offers a range of temperature control.

A high temperature of 375K is achieved as standard for initial bake out, however higher temperatures ranges are available on request.


  • Noble Gas Spectroscopy e.g.  helium, argon, neon, xenon and krypton
  • UHV Cryogenic Sample Space with sorption pump 
  • Separate He and Ne
  • Separate Ar from Kr and Xe

Principle of Operation

The sorb's chamber contains an absorption material which is cooled using a mechanical cryocooler. By crushing and heating the analysis sample to high temperatures and feeding the resulting gas to the sorb, the gas will be trapped.

The absorption material is then heated in a highly controlled manner. As the temperature is stepped up, the trapped gasses reach their individual evaporation points. The released gas from the process is fed into a gas chromatography unit for analyses.

A benefit of this technique is that using a stepped temperature increase allows for the separation of trapped gasses. Volumes of each gas can therefore be measured separately.

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Sorb Type

ElectroPolished Stainless Steel

Temperature Range


Cooling Time: 300K to 10K

<1 hour


<1x10-9 torr

Temperature Probe

Temperature Controller with RS-232 Ports


1080mm to 1300mm

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