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The DRY ICE DYAD is a closed cycle system capable of cooling to 1.7K whilst providing excellent optical access and ultra-low vibration. The sample unit is held separately from the cold head and the main body of the cryostat on an optical table. The two are connected only by a soft thermal link to reduce vibration to a minimum. 

The sample space environment can be switched between a top loading exchange gas module and a vacuum module within a couple of hours, making it a flexible solution for multiple applications in busy labs. 

Customisation of the wiring and the addition of magnetic fields, nanopositioners and low temperature objectives are available. 

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  Sample in Exchange Gas Sample in Vacuum

Temperature range

1.8K to 300K

1.7K to 300K

Cooling power

25mW @ 1.8K, 50mW @ 2K, 75mW @ 2.3K, 100mW @ 2.9K

Temperature Stability

± 5mK below 2.5K, ± 20mK between 4K and 50K, ± 5mK above 50K

Sample environment

Exchange Gas Vacuum

Sample space

Ø 50mm

170mm x 100mm (Ø 150mm cold plate)

Vibration at sample 


Cooldown time to base*

Probe cooldown time:

1 hour 40 minutes

System Cooldown: 14 hours


Air or water-cooled options available


DC, RF, and fiber optic options available

Up to 6 custom wiring ports

Optical access 

Up to 4 windows available

(see window materials)

Up to 5 windows available

(see window materials)

Base temperature


Single Shot: 1.7K 

Continuous 1.8K

Temperature controller

Lakeshore 336 as standard (Other controllers available on request)

Magnetic Field

Solenoid, Split pair, and Vector magnets available

*without wiring

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Brochure                   Vibration Graph


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