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Entry Level CF Cryostat

The TLICEEL is a top loading variable temperature insert that operates in a standard Helium storage dewar with a 50mm neck. The sample is mounted in exchange gas on the bottom of a top loading probe providing fast, efficient cooldown.

The entry level (EL) insert includes a temperature sensor and heater mounted on the top loading probe, a blanked off 10 pin connectors, which can be used for experimental wiring, a manually operated needle valve for control of the Helium flow, a sliding seal for initial loading of the insert into the storage dewar and an evacuation valve with safety pressure relief.

Measured Performance (Using an ICEoxford low loss transfer tube ICEMF01-90)

  • Short working distance
  • large sample space gives the option to operate in different applications.
  • Optimised clear beam allows large visible areas helps in measuring low-intensity light
  • Its unique design allows further integrations and upgrades in future
  • Continuous Base Temperature: 3.2K using a 12m3/hr pump
  • Flow required to operate at 4.2K: Less than 500cc/hr
  • Sample change: 30 minutes from Room temperature to 4K
  • Temperature Stability: Better than +/-50mk
  • Temperature range: Base temperature 3.2K to 300K
  • ICEoxford temperature control option is available. However,  ICEoxford Cryostats are compatible with other temperature controllers   
  • 10 pin connectors wired to the heat exchanger
  • Can be either operated in pull mode(3.2-500K) or push mode(4.2-500K)



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Entry Level CF Cryostat
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