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ICE Sock Technology

ICEoxford's unique design decouples the cold head from the cryostat by housing it in an anti-vibration environment known as a Sock. By mounting the cold head into the sock containing the exchange gas, cooling power is transferred from the cold head to the cryostat with no mechanical interface.

Vibration is only transmitted from the cold head to the cryostat through the supporting rubber bellows or through the pneumatic isolation support stand.

This allows our systems to employ a more powerful and robust Gifford-Mcmahon cold head, while achieving superior vibration, temperature stability and electrical isolation. For example, a Pulse Tube typically generates ± 5 Microns. A Gifford-Mcmahon cold head in a sock produces < ±2 microns as standard, with additional options for vibration reduction to < ±200nm and < ± 10nm. 


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Ice Oxford

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ICE Sock Technology
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