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The ICEcube Gas Handling System has been designed to operate dilution refrigeration and continuous He3 systems. Alongside the ICEcube Controller Software, it enables users to have full control to perform all procedures required to run a dilution system, including condensing in, circulating at base temperature, warm up and extraction of mixture. These procedures are fully automated but can be performed manually by the user if desired. The automatic routines enable the user to simply and effectively manage the cool down to base temperature. This means that the condense and system circulation can be done at a selected time which does not require the user to be present to adjust the system. Additional features include the ability to log and record data as well as extract graphs.

The price for an ICE cube is £23,995. This includes a day of remote installation and access to our ICE cube Controller Software.

You may require some additional items to help integrate the ICE cube with your system:

  • External pressure gauge between the rotary pump and the roots pump,
  • Proportional and large solenoid valve to circulate mixture,
  • Connections between all three pumps through a relay box which is connected to the ICE cube, allowing operation of the pumps through the software allowing for a pressure safety switch in case of rising pressures, 
  • the ability to control an automatic needle valve and read the 1K pot pressure. 

If you require any of these please get in touch and we can put together a package to suit you. 


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