Another Lemon falls from the tree, landing in the Cavendish Labs, Cambridge University, UK! Top Loading ‘LEMON’ type DRY cryostat with 9T Superconducting Magnet - March 2013

ICEoxford have recently installed a top loading dynamic variable temperature insert with an integrated 9T magnet, DRYICETL D 9T, at the Cavendish Laboratories, University of Cambridge. To be used for transport measurements, this cryostat allows for quick sample turnaround times, automatic operation, and long run times.

Cooldown is easy and automated – once assembled, the DRYICETL D 9T need only be connected to an appropriate electrical supply and the included software completes cooldown to <1.4K in less than 30 hours. Cooling the top-loading probe can be done in a matter of hours; once the probe is loaded into the cold cryostat, the included software will control cool down of the probe in <3 hours.

The temperature of the sample stage can be controlled from less than 1.4K to 300K in a dynamic flow of helium gas. Control can be achieved both manually and remotely. Being a DRY system, no cryogens are needed during operation.

The DRYICETL D 9T allows for great flexibility for the future expansion of capabilities, being ready to fit a helium-3 cold probe 3ICECP40 to reach <300mK, or a dilution insert DICEVT to reach <25mK. We at ICE wish the researchers at Cambridge the best success with their new ICEoxford cryostat!


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