DRY 12T 100mm VTI System Working well - Feb 2019

ICEoxford Limited delivered this special system to Cambridge University in March 2018. The customer has been very impressed with the available cooling power and base temperature. It is being utilised by many users at the University and beyond...

Customer comment:

“I very pleased to be able to say that I am very satisfied with this system. In particular, the dual cooler configuration provides plenty of cooling power, which was my primary concern going to a conduction cooled system for such a large volume. As an example of this we have found that a very high heat leak probe with copper 100A leads will cool to below 20K overnight just in static mode.

The magnet appears to be very well behaved and after a couple of quenches reliably achieves to within 0.003T of the rated field. We have not conducted extensive checks of homogeneity, but it would appear that the system easily meets the tender specification.

I have also been impressed with the supplied ancillaries, which are from high quality manufacturers and it is clear that corners have not been cut in fitting this system out.

The inevitable minor snags in such a custom system were cleared up promptly and professionally by your excellent team and the system is starting to be used heavily by users both within and without the University.”


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