Excellent results in Utah - Oct 2016

ICE completed the final installation of its flagship 70mm diameter sample space 1.4K/300mK 9T low vibration LEMON system in Utah University, USA. This final 10 day installation was significant because:

1.  ICE swapped out a Sumitomo 1W Pulsed Tube cooler with a Cryomech 1.5W Pulsed tube cooler without dis-assembly of the cryostat. The LEMON's unique 'universal sock' design enables servicing and swapping with any commercial cold head be it Sumitomo, Cryo-mech or Pride without major dis-assembly. 

2. The latest version of the LEMON software was installed. This update enables fully automated initial cool down of the system. In addition, automation of the patented fast cool down 'dual cool' technology for sample change was enabled. Dual cool allows cool down of loaded samples (via either the 1.5K probe or 300mK cold probe) to be cooled to base 75% faster than stand alone 'static cooling' systems.


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