Hot Lemon for the winter - November 2013

Iceoxford has succesfully tested its latest lemon cryostat that is destined for Los Alalmos National Laboratory, USA in December. The system is a cryogen free (DRY) 7T split pair 1.4K VTI for Neutrons Beamline experiments. The high temperature probe can be run at 800K with the magnet at field. It is also supplied with a 300mK cold probe that acheives 60 hours hold time with only 2.2 litres of 3He gas. The system also has an ICEminicube for remote gas handling and the latest version of the Lemon software that controls and monitors all aspects of the system. Tails for the VTI and 3He cold probe have been manufactured from Vanadium & Titanium using e-beam welding and vacuum brazing techniques.

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