Starting a LEMON orchard at Rutherford Appleton Labs! 70mm 'Dipper' Dilution Fridge delivered to the Rutherford Appleton Labs - April 2013

ICEoxford deliver a 70mm dipper-style dilution refrigerator system the Rutherford Appleton Labs for the Muon beam line at ISIS 1. The system is automatic, and achieves a base temperature below 15mK, 60µW cooling power at 100mK, and provides an upper temperature range of 325K. This dilution refrigerator is loaded into a host cryostat, allowing for faster turnaround times than with a conventional dilution refrigerator. The included ICEMINICUBE also allows for remote control of exchange, ideal for the beam line community. Using the host cryostat adds flexibility to the system – measurements from 1.4K to 325K can be performed using the included probe or from <300mK to 325K with a 3ICECP helium-3 cold probe. While this system was delivered as a wet cryostat, a dry version could also be supplied with or without a superconducting magnet.








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