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Noble Gas Analysis

Noble gas analysis is a powerful analytical technique used in various scientific fields to study the distribution, origin, and behavior of noble gases in different materials and environments. The noble gases, i.e., helium, neon, argon, krypton, and xenon form a group of elements with similar properties. Most importantly, they are chemically unreactive. Due to its chemically and biologically inert features resulting from radioactive decay, noble gases are commonly utilized to probe the ocean and Earth process. High-purity and quantitative noble gas sample preparation for mass spectrometric analysis are normally required. Therefore, the adsorption of noble gases in an ultra-high vacuum-activated charcoal trap at cryogenic temperatures is the most common procedure. The desorption of individual noble gases is a function of temperature for mass spectrometric measurements. For example, helium and neon can be selectively released at approximately 40 K and 80 K.


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