Stanford University, California, USA

Case Study

Dr Na Young

Stage 1 – Repair and refurbishment of an Oxford Instruments 300mW dilution refrigerator system
Customer had a system that wasn’t working and the original manufacturer refused to service the equipment. ICE was awarded the contract to strip the system down the fridge for a service, re-build and re-commission the system. The contract was successful and the refrigerator reached its base temperature and the customer was trained in all aspects of operation.

Customer testimonial:
Our lab has a 17-year old 300mW Oxford system. In 2008, we decided to have professional repair and refurbishment including small leak check, mixture concentration check and pump refurbishments. Since it is too old, the manufacturer refused to take this job; However, ICE was willing to accept our job and he came for a week to perform the work.
I really like how lCE approached the job during a given time in a systematic way. On the first day, he planned a possible scenario of a week, writing down the tasks for each day. I respect Pauls systematic approaches. During his visit, we had to modify the initial plan due to several unexpected occasions. However, overall ICE managed to repair the major issues of our dilution refrigerator, which is now in good condition. Moreover, ICE let me do most of operational work so that he passed along the appropriate handling skills. He also worked on Sat. in order to keep the pace.
In conclusion, I am very much satisfied with ICEs service and if I face any trouble further, I will definitely contact them again.

Stage 2 – Re-installation of the Oxford Instruments 300mW system to a new laboratory
ICE was contracted to design a new refrigerator framework and all connecting lines to suit customer requirements. In addition, the contract covered dis-assembly of the dilution refrigerator system and re-assembly into a new purpose built laboratory. The new framework had sliding plates incorporated to allow the customer slide the Dilution Fridge over a pit. The framework, interconnecting lines including a bulkhead plate assembly were manufactured in the UK and assembled in the USA by an engineer and technician from the UK.

Customer testimonial:
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