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Ice Oxford

ICE Cryogenic Equipment CRYOBITZ Cryogenic Laboratory Spares

Split-Pair Magnet

  • Cold bore and horizontal axis field(Cold bore Horizontal) 
  • Designed with radial access ports and is wound of twisted muli-filamentary Niobium-Titanium (NbTi) superconductor embedded in a  copper matrix 
  • Twisted filaments maximize magnetic stability and minimize magnetic hysteresis 
  • Electrical insulation is done by the insulation on the wire and bt the epoxy between windings 
  • The magnet wire is bonded in epoxy to prohibit wire movement 
  • The coils are over-wrapped with a cord to help protect the windings from routine handling
  • High-temperature superconducting current leads are used to allow fast ramping of the magnet while minimizing heat generation 
  • Magnetic quench protection; integrated diode and resistor protection circuit attached to magnet
  • Allen Bradley sensors fitted to top and bottom of magnet
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