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Ice Oxford

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Our LabVIEW based software provides a user-friendly interface for the simultaneous plotting, logging, and control of a maximum of eight temperature sensors at any given time. The software observes system progress by monitoring performance graphs whilst running the system, reducing the chance of errors.

It has been developed to provide full control of the temperature, sensors, heaters, needle valves and pressures. The software is modular allowing additional features such as the control of the magnetic field, a He3 dipper and the ICE Mini Cube, our gas control box to be added should the system require it. This modularity also enables the user to add their experimental measurements easily.

This latest upgrade to the software now offers remote control, enabling the user to control their system from home or anywhere else in the world. This also means that the system can be controlled from our factory in Oxfordshire, allowing for remote diagnostics and improved support.

Key Features

  • LabVIEW based software
  • Monitor up to 8 channels at any given time
  • Automated temperature ramps and control for multiple heaters
  • Full manual and automatic control of multiple needle valves
  • Control of any additional ICE controllers including the ICE Mini Cube
  • Fully automated ICE Mini Cube routines including purging the sample space and adding exchange gas
  • Fully automated probe exchange and cool down using our patented Dual Cool routine
  • Modular source code available for easy integration with own experimental measurements
  • Easy to control remotely - can control your system from anywhere in the world



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