"We are operating a 1.4K ICE-Lemon system with a 8Tesla magnet. For approximately 2years we are running this system 24/7 essentially without any down time. In our lab this system is our work-horse with several students and postdocs sharing this equipment to conduct magneto-transport and temperature dependent measurements on sensitive 2D-materials and devices. The system is very straightforward to use and compact in its dimensions.

I can strongly recommend ICE-oxford as competent and collaborative manufacturer of cryogenic equipment".

Dr Jens Martin

Associate Professor

Physics Department, Faculty of Science





"I would strongly recommend ICE Oxford, their great expertise in cryogenics is very precious

for anyone interested in cryogenic systems well-adapted to their specific needs".

Samuel Deléglise,

Chargé de Recherche

Laboratoire Kastler Brossel




Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Measurements

"In our experience, ICE Oxford has a superior knowledge of cryogenic systems due to the extensive experience of its staff in cryogencis.



St Andrews University

"We think in the end that the project has been finished successfully and will consider ICEoxford® as a serious option for any further low temperature equipment work to be carried out in our laboratories."