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Vector Rotate Magnet

  • Cryogen-Free 2-Axis superconducting magnet with customized Z-bore
  • The superconducting Vector Rotate magnet is wound from twisted multifilamentary Niobium- Titanium (NbTi) superconductor embedded in a copper matrix
  • Twisted filaments maximize magnetic stability and minimize magnetic hysteresis
  • Electrical insulation is provided by the insulation on the wire and by the epoxy matrix between the windings
  • The magnet wire is bonded in an epoxy matrix to prohibit wire movement and prevent premature quenching.
  • The magnet coils are over-wrapped with a cord to protect the windings from routine handling.
  • Single, 2-dimensional vector and full rotation mode of operations
Z-CoilClick to view
X-CoilClick to viewClick to close
Magnetic field 3.0 Tesla
Homogeneity (1cm dsv) ± 0.5%
Approximate maximum current 55 Amps
Clear bore N/A
Persistant switch No


Operating ModesClick to viewClick to close
  • Maximum Z-Axis only: 9 Tesla
  • Maximum Z/X/Y: 3 Tesla rotating spherical vector


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Vector Rotate Magnet
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