Wet Systems

DICE dilution refrigerator models
Description VT MINIFRIDGE TM 40 75 200 450 TLM
Base temperature (mK) <35 <35 <20 15 10 <7 <30
Cooling power (mW @ 100 mK) >15 >15 40 75 200 450 300
Wiring supplied ** Special Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Probe (top-loading) No No No No No No Yes
** Standard wiring - 24-way diagnostic plus 24-way constantan twisted pair

20 mW Parasitic Dilution Refrigerator for use with VTIs
Product Code: DICEVT

Top-loading into a variable temperature insert, this system uses the 1K capability of the VTI in order to condense the mixture and continues the cooling process into the millikelvin range.

20 mW Dilution Refrigerator for use in LHe Storage Dewars

A small compact dilution refrigerator (DR) system designed to fit through the 50mm neck of a standard helium storage vessel. The use of sliding and greased cone seals allow fast turnaround and easy loading for time-saving sample evaluation work.

40 mW @100mK Dilution Refrigerator System
Product Code: DICE40

A compact and simple-to-operate dilution refrigerator system with additional ports for experimental access, make this a versatile first millikelvin system for a low temperature laboratory.

75 mW @100mK Dilution Refrigerator System
Product Code: DICE75

A higher-cooling power version of the compact DICE40 which is robust and versatile - this system can be used for any sample-in vacuum experimental applications.


200 mW @100mK Dilution Refrigerator System
Product Code: DICEEASYFIT 200

Still compact, though slightly larger, this DR system gives a large amount of experimental access incorporating EasyFit experimental add-ons in order to allow fast re-designation of system applications.

450 mW @100mK Dilution Refrigerator System
Product Code: DICEEASYFIT 450

Our highest-cooling power DR system with large amounts of access for experimental needs such as special wiring coaxial cables, rotators and drive rods and wave guides.

Top Loading into Mixture Dilution Refrigerator System
Product Code: DICETLM

Top-loading into mixture (TLM) dilution refrigerator, fast sample change and large range of probes with customisation, our specialism gives ICEoxford® the edge over any competitor with a similar product, but our prices approximately 35% less.

See also DICEPR

Top Loading Probes (Oxford Instruments compatible)
Product Code: DICEPR

A high-quality probe to suit top-loading dilution refrigerator systems produced by any manufacturer. Modular top housing design allows additions, upgrades and modification. Wiring is designed and fitted to suit on request, as well as a range of sample holders, two standard types, as well as vacuum can or a rotator mechanism.