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Ice Oxford

ICE Cryogenic Equipment CRYOBITZ Cryogenic Laboratory Spares


The top loading probe inserts into the system via a flange with a sliding seal. This locates the sample at the field centre. The probe is fitted with radiation baffles to minimise the radiative heat loads to the sample region. A thin wall stainless stell tube is used to minimise conduction.

The sample rod is typically terminated in a copper sample holder with a fire rod heater and sensor. At the top of the sample rod is a housing that is used to supply access to the sample region from room temperature.

This type of sample rod typically allows cooling of the sample in exhange gas but can also be customised to keep the sample in vacuum. High temperature probes are available upon request with temperatures up to 800K. 

ICEoxford wiring allows a customised range of DC or COAX wires, typically with Fischer or SMA connectors but many wairing and connector options are available. 

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Accurate motion obtained using micrometer

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