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WET ICE 1.5K CF Cryostat

The WET ICE 1.5K CF Cryostat is a dynamic continuous flow cryostat with a modular design allowing it to be easily adapted for a variety of experimental applications. This cryostat offers several benefits to the end user; easy to use, fast cooling, cost efficient. 

The system can be run in continuous mode where liquid helium is continually supplied from a storage vessel and pumped on to reduce the temperature.

The cryostat heat exchanger is fitted with a heater and sensor to accurately control and monitor the temperature in the sample space. The stability over 10min is <±0.1K.

This system can also potentially be run by pressurising the helium storage dewar, rather than pumping on the cryostat exhaust port, though this limits the base temperature performance.

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WET ICE 1.5K CF Cryostat
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