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Ice Oxford

ICE Cryogenic Equipment CRYOBITZ Cryogenic Laboratory Spares


The cryostat is designed to hold a sufficient volume of cryogens to allow for a convenient period of experimental operation between refills.  It is constructed from non-magnetic materials with all vacuum seals tested for leak tightness on a mass spectrometer to better than 1 x 10-9mbarL/sec.

Liquid Helium evaporation is minimised by reducing the heat loads due to conduction and convection. This is achieved by use of the vacuum space isolation, the fitting of multi-layer super insulation shields and the employment of an FRP Helium can neck

The liquid Helium bath is designed with a “belly” reservoir which sits above a narrower tail. This results in the amount of “non-usable” liquid helium, sometimes referred to as a “dead volume”, being significantly reduced, thereby avoiding unnecessary wastage. The tail can be made to suit the clear neck size of the cryostat or even smaller, such as to fit around an insert tail, experimental stage or a superconducting magnet.

The cryostats are fitted with a vacuum evacuation valve, a pressure relief safety valve and securing holes for lifting lugs.

Tapped holes, equally spaced around the outside of an O-ring groove provide a sealing point for a magnet support, baffle set or other type of insert.

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Temperature range

1.6-420K  (800K option)

Temperature Stability

±10mK below 10K,  ±20mK between 10-50, ±50mK between 50-100K, ±100mK for temperatures ≥100K

Sample environment

Dynamic / static Helium exchange gas or vacuum

Sample space


Vibration at sample 

<10 µm 


DC, RF and fiber optic options available

Optical access 


Base temperature


Hold time


Temperature controller

Lakeshore 336 

Magnetic Field

up to 16T solenoid, 8T split pair or vector rotate (See magnet options)


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