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Quantum Research

Quantum technologies harness quantum physics to gain a functionality or performance which is otherwise unattainable. They perform in ways that cannot be explained by classical physics, such as Newton’s Laws of motion, thermodynamics, or Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism.

Many of our existing technologies – including the microprocessor, solid state imaging devices, and the laser – are derived from quantum physics. These technologies underpinned emergence of the 'Information Age' in the same manner that technologies based on classical physics underpinned the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

ICEoxford have focussed on two key temperature regimes for the development of these technolgies;

  • High cooling power at 1.0K to allow high efficiency single photon detectors to work alongside optical quantum information processing experiments. 
  • <10mK systems to allow experiemnts in solid state QUBITS.


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