Customer Testimonial IPQM

Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Measurements,
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Station 3
1015 Lausanne

Contacts: Emanuel Gavartin
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ICE Oxford knowledge of cryogenic systems.

In our experience, ICE Oxford has a superior knowledge of cryogenic systems due to the extensive experience of its staff in cryogenics. We believe that this knowledge was crucial in refurbishing our dilution refrigerator.


While providing the quotation for the refurbishment, ICE Oxford could clearly define, upon wish, the different phases of the refurbishment. Through every phase the company clearly communicated the status of the repair and addressed our questions.


All inquiries were replied in a timely fashion.

Quality of workmanship.

ICE Oxford was able to refurbish our dilution refrigerator and in the end the specifications of the original manufacturer could be even exceeded. While it remains to be seen how the system will work in the upcoming time, we believe that the work was carried out carefully and well, so that no problems should arise.

Value for money i.e Cost.

Compared to the original manufacturer, the offer from ICE Oxford was very competitive.

Meeting customer expectations.

In refurbishing the dilution refrigerator and exceeding the specifications of the original manufacturer, ICE Oxford fully met our expectations.


The team was very friendly during the training session and I profited a lot from the insights!