Cryogenic Spares

Entry Level CF Cryostat

The CFICEEL-V  is a continuous flow cryostat that operates with either LN2 or LHe4. The sample is mounted in vacuum on the bottom of a copper plate providing fast, efficient cool down.

The entry level (EL) cryostat includes and OVC (outer vacuum can), an inner radiation shield, a temperature sensor, a heater and a blanked off 10 pin connector, which can be used for experimental wiring.

Measured Performance (Using an ICEoxford low loss transfer tube ICEMF01-90)

Continuous Base Temperature: 3.2K using a 12m3/hr pump
Flow required to operate at 4.2K: Less than 500cc/hr
Sample change: 30 minutes from Room temperature to 4K
Temperature Stability: Better than +/-50mk
Temperature range: Base temperature  to 300K

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