Customer Testimonial on ICEoxford Product and Service

Refurbished system School of Physics & Astronomy, University of St Andrews
Andreas Rost
(Postdoctorial Research Assistant)

School of Physics and Astronomy
University of St Andrews
North Haugh
St Andrews, Fife
KY16 9SS
United Kingdom
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Description of work carried out
Our group obtained an old Oxford Instruments 25mW dilution insert, that had a known leak on the dilution unit stage. The work to be carried out by ICEoxford® was the repair of the dilution unit, refurbishment of all sensors and wiring, fitting of a new IVC can and the supply of a new gas handling system as well as all necessary vacuum lines. 

ICEoxford® knowledge of cryogenic systems
During the process we had contact to the project leader on the ICEoxford® side as well as the installation engineer. Both had an excellent understanding of the requirements of the project and were helpful in realising particular custom modifications of the system. 

When contacted with specific questions it was very easy to reach the appropriate person at ICE Oxford fast. 

All detailed modifications were realized in the project. ICEoxford® was flexible in building into the system different modifications we only realized were necessary during the installation process. 

Quality of workmanship
In the final installation all equipment was manufactured suitable for the low temperature applications of the instrumentation. Those parts of the equipment that had not met our expectations of standard were re-machined and repaired by ICEoxford® on our request without any problems. 

Aftercare service
During the final installation check it was realized that several small items that would improve the operational performance were necessary. ICEoxford® was very helpful in supplying those.

Value for money (i.e cost)
Overall we were satisfied that the cost was a fair price for the final product and that the aims of the project were achieved to our satisfaction. 

Meeting customer expectations
As with any project it was necessary to keep continuous communications during the project in order to ensure that our expectations would be met. The final realization of the project was very much in line of our initial aims, i.e. the fridge was refurbished, reached its specification targets and the new gas handling system was adequate for operating the dilution refrigerator. 

We think in the end that the project has been finished successfully and will consider ICEoxford® as a serious option for any further low temperature equipment work to be carried out in our laboratories.