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Ice Oxford

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Wet Systems

A WET system utilises liquid nitrogen and liquid helium. ICEoxford offer a versatile range of WET cryostats for a wide variety of applications.  A WET cryostat from ICEoxford can be designed to meet your exact requirements and offers high performance, reliability and low cost making them a perfect addition to any lab.

Some of the advantages of our WET systems are:

  • Low Vibration ±30nm
  • Large customisable sample space
  • High temperature up to 800K
  • Custom experimental wiring and sample holders available
  • Change your sample quickly.  Less than 2 hours from base to 300K and back to base
  • Large range of sample rotators
  • Optical access – compatible with most spectroscopy experiments including Mossbauer
  • Complete custom designed service available
  • Cooling power – wide range of GM and Pulse Tube coolers available
  • Fast delivery times


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